Stripping & Waxing Services

Our floor technicians will make your floor shine like new!

Wax is used to preserve and clean your floors, but over time that wax can build up and cause your floor to take on a muddled appearance. That’s when you need to call the floor stripping and waxing experts.

At Johnson Floor Care, we specialize in breathing new life into any sized floor. Stripping and waxing is a complicated process and you can be sure that our floor care technicians will take their time to do the job right the first time. Using the very best services and stripping and waxing products, we will help restore your floors to their previous sheen.

Our Process

When you call our office for a free estimate, we will come out to assess your floor and the waxing and stripping project. From there, we follow a three step process. This includes:

  • Floor Cleaning: Our stripping and waxing experts will first clean the area thoroughly, making sure that no debris is left on the floor’s surface.
  • Floor Stripping: Using the most advanced floor stripping equipment and products on the market, our technicians will strip the surface of your floor, removing all of the old wax.
  • Floor Re-Wax: Finally, our technicians will re-wax the surface of your floor, making it look as good as the day you laid it down.

Why Choose Us?

We have been providing the very best floor stripping and waxing services for over a decade. Each of our floor cleaning experts is handpicked and fully certified and insured. When you want your floor to look as good as new, Johnson Floor Care should be your first choice.

Call us today for a free estimate for all of your floor stripping and waxing needs. Do you need Vinyl and Tile Cleaning?


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