Common Mistakes with DIY Floor Stripping and Waxing

Have you ever seen a really gross floor in a grocery store or public bathroom? What you may not realize is that the floor probably is cleaned on a daily basis. All the grunge could simply be dirt trapped between layers of wax.

Do you have a floor in your home or business in need of a fresh waxing? Tempting though it may be to tackle this time-consuming job yourself, here are some reasons why you should leave it to professionals.

1. Wrong Chemicals

If you’re not experienced with different types of flooring, you may not know which products are safe and effective. It’s easy to ruin a floor by picking the wrong cleaning solution.

2. Being Short On Equipment

Unless you clean, strip, and wax floors for a living, you probably don’t have the needed equipment handy. Accumulating all the necessary tools can take a while and slow down the progress of your task.

3. Slacking Off When Removing Old Wax

No, it’s not a good idea to throw a new layer of wax over the existing one. You shouldn’t even try skipping areas covered by furniture. If the job is going to be done right, the entire floor needs to be stripped and evenly coated.

4. Using A Cheap Wax

While it’s tempting to save a bit where you can, floor wax is not something you should go cheap on. Your floor will discolor a lot faster with a low-quality wax.

So here are your options if you want to strip and wax your floor:

  • Waste time and energy doing it yourself
  • Hire amateur cleaners looking for a surface to practice on
  • Call Johnson Floor Care to get guaranteed beautiful results

As one of Anchorage’s best floor care companies, we’ve got the skills and tools you need for a successful job.

Don’t leave your next floor stripping and/or waxing project to inexperienced hands. Trust Johnson Floor Care for all your floor care and cleaning needs. Contact us today to learn more about our floor stripping and waxing services.


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