Allergies in the Workplace

According to one allergy specialist, allergies are the number two reason that adults miss work. Last spring was a tough season for allergies in the Anchorage area. As winter approaches, seasonal allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief.

Now is a great time for you to think about how you can prepare for the next allergy season.

Workplace Allergens

People suffer from all kinds of allergies. Not only are the usual culprits such as pollen to blame, but there can be many other sources:

    • Pet hair
    • Dust mites
    • Perfume and cologne
    • Debris from the work site such as sawdust, fumes, or flour
    • Unidentified irritants found in cleaning products

Effects of Allergies on Your Business

Allergic symptoms range from eye, nose, and throat irritation to severe breathing difficulty. These problems will drive energy levels to an all-time low and make it nearly impossible for the sufferer to focus on his or her task. Traditional antihistamine medication used to treat allergic symptoms tends to make people even drowsier.

Eventually, your employees who suffer from allergies at work will find it harder and harder to bother coming in at all.

What You Can Do

Invite your employees to share their feelings on their work environment. Welcome concerns and suggestions so that you have some ideas to work with. Your workers will be more willing to come in to work when they know that you’re searching for solutions to end their suffering.

Take some practical steps to minimize the presence of allergens in your office:

    • Check your ventilation systems to see how well they are functioning
    • Swap out noxious cleaning agents for less irritating products
    • Keep coats worn outdoors separate from the work area so that employees aren’t bringing outdoor irritants in with them
    • Water indoor plants regularly and freshen the topsoil to avoid mold
    • Make sure that your office is well cleaned during dry and stuffy winter months

For help with professional janitorial services, give Johnson Floor Care a call. We’re also happy to help make your carpets dust- and allergen-free. Ask us about our carpet care services. Soon enough, your employees will breathe with ease!


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